supplier of used clothes from England


Due to the fact, that the original items are collected and stored in two warehouses in England (Batley and Stowmarket), minimum order to be delivered should be at least 10,000 kg. Smaller quantities can be picked up by the purchaser directly from the warehouses in England.

We offer the second-hand clothes such as:

  • Charity shops collected in stores of such charity organisations like: British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Marie Curie Cancel Care, Bernardo's.
  • Door To Door (D2D).
  • Shop Quality (articles from Australia containing 80% summer and 20% autumn-winter clothes) coming from the Australian Red Cross collections, sorted, mostly classified as "cream".
second hand clothes export

The goods are sent to Poland by the Danny Elders Export Ltd. from two warehouses located in England: Batley and Stowmarket.

wholesale sales of the second hand clothes

To simplify the transport, logistics and financial procedures, the deliveries to Poland can be performed by the "Pacyfik-Format" company from Szczecinek on behalf of the Danny Elders Export Ltd., maintaining the same shipment conditions.

purchasing the "off the hanger" clothes

Thanks to the sorting facility, opened in Poland in 2010, dealing with clothes intended for the African market, we are seriously interested in purchasing the “off the hanger” articles and Tropical Mix type goods. The sorting facility for the African market operates within the scope of the “Pacyfik-Format” business in Szczecinek.

wholesale second-hand clothes from England
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