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The scope of business activity of the company involves the export of second hand clothes from Great Britain to Poland and other Central and Eastern Europe countries. Our, exceeding 20 years experience in the field of second hand clothes marketing allows us to sale approximately 400 tonnes of articles per month.

Taking over the British company Danny Elders Export Ltd. in 2006, enabled us to combine the experience related to the second hand clothes marketing in Poland with the possibility of obtaining the goods directly in England, in the form of street and charity collections.


Acting as the Danny Elders Export Ltd. in Batley, thanks to the entered constant cooperation agreements, we are the operator of the largest charity organisations in Great Britain:

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cancer Research
  • Marie Curie Cancel Care
  • Bernardo's

Organising direct collection events in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, enables us to offer the merchandise of D2D type for sale.


Long-term experience and numerous business contacts in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia give us the possibility of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers and offering mutual trade contacts.

Thanks to the sorting facility, opened in Poland in 2010, dealing with clothes intended for the African market (current export reaching approximately 150 tonnes monthly), we are seriously interested in purchasing the "off the hanger" articles and Tropical Mix type goods. In this way, we managed to establish an efficient cooperation model with the purchasers of our original items from England, where our customers became all the same our suppliers of the raw material to be processed for the African market.

wholesale second-hand clothes from England
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